UPDATE: From the moment this website was up, we’ve been receiving tons of messages from former students, colleagues and friends showing their support. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!

El Pasaje Spanish School former staff has a message for you:

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At the end of 2015 the whole El Pasaje team wrote some beautiful descriptions of each member of the staff for this website. We had 14 profiles. There are 6 left on the current website (and one shouldn’t be!). Here, a brief of the outcome of the ones who are not there anymore (we have pixelled their images for privacy, but former students can perfectly recognize their names and profiles)

At the end of 2016, a lot happened at El Pasaje Spanish School.

It all started when Co-founder, Shareholder, Academic Director and Online Marketing Coordinator decided that, due to ethical differences, the business partnership between her and her associated, Gilda Guthux -owner of the other half of the company-, should come to an end. Although she suggested buying the company herself for a value she considered fair, she was willing to either buy or sell half the company for the same amount. Gilda Guthux, Legal Administrator of the company at the time, rejected both options. Instead of negotiating a convenient outcome, in December of that year Ms. Guthux opted to change the locks of El Pasaje Spanish School -located at 83, Piedras st.-, illegally denying her partner to enter to her own company and only job, and to stop sharing the profits with her. A lot of her belongings are still in the school. A legal process is taking place regarding this fact.

Immediately after, several employees (administrative staff and teachers) were forced to resign or were directly fired by Ms. Gilda Guthux. Coincidentally, all of them were close to her (former?) partner. Some of them found themselves unemployed a few days before New Year’s Eve. None of them received his/her compensation in time and form. Several did not get anything at all. Labor lawsuits are taking place regarding this fact.

Later on, other teachers resigned while Julian Barbone, Gilda Guthux’s boyfriend, started showing up everyday, although it is not known if he actually has any duties, or he’s there as a kind of bodyguard. The fact is El Pasaje Spanish School is not today the warm project hundreds of students have recommended for years to friends, acquaintances and the general public.

Today, the situation is as it follows:

  • The Academic Director and most of the teachers who established the great academic quality of El Pasaje Spanish School are no longer working there.
  • El Pasaje Spanish School does not have an academic direction.
  • El Pasaje Spanish School has a fraudulent administration: 100% of the profits are illegally taken by Gilda Guthux, who holds only 50% of the shares.
  • El Pasaje Spanish School is not paying owed compensations to its former employees.


This is not a hack. We own this domain and, while waiting for Ms. Guthux to pay her debts and for legal justice to act, we want to use this site to tell our story.

If you want to know more, and/or you want to contact any of us, get in touch!